Sikkens slip resistant coated decking around the spa

Timber Coatings in the Australian Climate

REQUIREMENTS OF DIFFERENT TIMBER TYPES Hardwoods and softwoods have different characteristics and different needs that require addressing when it comes to coatings. There are three things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a Sikkens system for each: Aesthetics/Finished appearance. Level of protection required. Location of the timber – eg deck, joinery, furniture […]

Sikkens Premium Timber Stain

Preserving Beauty with Sikkens

Wood is a timeless and exquisite choice for various architectural and outdoor applications. From decks and fences to wooden furniture and siding, it adds a natural warmth and charm to our living spaces. However, to ensure that your wood surfaces maintain their longevity and beauty, proper maintenance is essential. One crucial aspect of wood care […]

Unveiling 3 new BLX Pro Colours

Sikkens Australia Unveils 3 Captivating Additions to the BLX Pro Stain Range with Natural 078 as the Star! The world of architectural coatings is about to experience a transformative shift as Sikkens Australia, a renowned name in the industry, proudly introduces three new enchanting colours to their esteemed BLX Pro Stain Range. Amidst the array […]

Sikkens slip resistant coated decking around the spa

Protecting your deck during winter

Follow these four easy steps to keep your deck in top condition throughout the colder months. Winter is one of the most critical times of the year to ensure your deck is adequately protected, as exposure to harsh weather can contribute to timber damage. Without proper protection, cold temperatures and pouring rain can cause timber […]

Protect exterior timber cladding with Sikkens wood stain options

Sikkens Timber Stain Systems

There are many types of timber stains on the market today. Some are better than others, and some are more expensive than others. If you want to know what is the best timber stain for your project, then read through this article until the end. In it, we will discuss what makes Sikkens products stand […]

Timber Features in Interior Design

We all know that timber is a versatile, natural material that can be used for many different things. From building homes and sheds to making furniture and even fences, timber features are an excellent option for home improvement projects. However, did you know that timber can also be used for interior design? If you’re looking […]

Finishing Outdoor Timber Furniture

Learn the right way to finish timber furniture to save calling a specialist. Read our comprehensive guide on how to finish timber furniture. We have discussed each step and how you need to go from one to another.   The following are the steps involved in timber finishing from the beginning. These are general steps so always refer to the […]

Sikkens NEW Timber Stain Colours for Spring 2022

Sikkens has already taken the woodcare world by storm, but this is set to happen all over again with the introduction of a brand-new timber stain colour range. The new stain colours will be available in Spring 2022 and consists of 3 new colour segments – greys, neutrals and colours. Our new timber stain colour […]

Hardwood Preparation

Preparation is the most important process of coating exterior timber. It is also the most hated part, and usually the one people skip. Unfortunately, failing to prepare your timber correctly can have undesired results on the life of the coating you choose to apply. New timber, especially hardwoods (merbau, blackbutt, jarrah, spotted gum, etc), require […]

Common Coating Reactions

There are many reactions that can happen between a coating and timber. Below are a few of the common ones and what causes them to occur. Blooming – possibly the most common, particularly in humid/wet months. Blooming occurs when the coating has been applied when there is too much moisture present in the air during […]