Sikkens NEW Timber Stain Colours for Spring 2022

Sikkens has already taken the woodcare world by storm, but this is set to happen all over again with the introduction of a brand-new timber stain colour range. The new stain colours will be available in Spring 2022 and consists of 3 new colour segments – greys, neutrals and colours. Our new timber stain colour […]

Hardwood Preparation

Preparation is the most important process of coating exterior timber. It is also the most hated part, and usually the one people skip. Unfortunately, failing to prepare your timber correctly can have undesired results on the life of the coating you choose to apply. New timber, especially hardwoods (merbau, blackbutt, jarrah, spotted gum, etc), require […]

Common Coating Reactions

There are many reactions that can happen between a coating and timber. Below are a few of the common ones and what causes them to occur. Blooming – possibly the most common, particularly in humid/wet months. Blooming occurs when the coating has been applied when there is too much moisture present in the air during […]

3 Steps to Easy Timber Maintenance with Sikkens

In a country where outdoor living quite often is more desirable than indoor living, it’s important to keep up appearances all year round. Neglecting your outdoor timber coatings can make hard work of getting ready for that first spring BBQ get together when you should be reveling in the joy of the outdoor space you’ve […]

Colour tester pots

Choosing the right colour for your timber

The colour you choose can influence the whole look and feel of the home and garden. It is also difficult to predict how the coating will look once applied as, unlike paint, coatings are influenced by the grain and colour of the timber. For example, light colours such as the Sikkens Pine or Natural colours […]

Fast rejuvenation for outdoor timbers

Over time, exposure to sun, wind and rain can leave timber furniture looking grey and weathered – but that doesn’t mean it is beyond repair. Sikkens Cetol BL® Garden Furniture Cleaner works quickly to rejuvenate outdoor settings, creating a revitalised new timber look. When applied to the timber surface Cetol BL® Deck and Wood Cleaner […]

Deck Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

1. Please provide step by step instructions on how to clean and revive outdoor decking. Where should you start? How should you prep (ie sweep and remove dirt, cobwebs and leaves)? 1. Sweep away dust, cobwebs, leaves and bird droppings. 2. Using a hard-bristle brush, scrub the deck with a mild detergent solution to remove […]

Deck tips for Outdoor Rooms

When it comes to decking, the key to achieving a professional-looking result is a well-prepared surface. Ensure that the timber is well seasoned, free from natural extractives (tannin) and clean. New Decks: The most important step for homeowners installing a new deck is thorough seasoning. Seasoning is a natural weathering process that can take between […]

Protect the home against rot and rust over winter

With Winter here, it’s essential to give a little extra care to the home’s exterior to prevent rot and rust. From decking and fences to gutters, gates and garage doors, there are many facets of the home prone to deterioration as a result of bad weather. However, thanks to DIY brands such as Sikkens and […]

Brush on dining style

Fine dining doesn’t need to be limited to the tableware and menu. When a beautifully handcrafted timber table is finished with a high-quality coating, it will not only protect the surface for many meals to come but will create an enviable finish that inspires dinner conversation. Leading timber coatings brand, Sikkens, provides the ultimate finish […]