Choosing the right colour for your timber

The colour you choose can influence the whole look and feel of the home and garden. It is also difficult to predict how the coating will look once applied as, unlike paint, coatings are influenced by the grain and colour of the timber.

For example, light colours such as the Sikkens Pine or Natural colours are ideal for bright and coastal homes while darker shades such as Walnut or Dark Oak, create a much bolder statement and tend to suit sophisticated building designs.

If you are looking to experiment with new colours, or are coating timber for the first time, choosing the right shade for can be a difficult and stressful decision. Once applied, it can be a hassle and costly task to change.

Colour tester pots

Sikkens offers customers sample pots to test different colours before making a commitment. In Cetol BLX Pro, the quick drying stain there are samples for the 5 ready-mixed shades to give you an accurate picture of the way the project will look when finished. Test the coating on a small area, or on a spare piece of timber, before committing to a colour. For more accurate results on how it will look, apply three coats onto this sample area.

The Sikkens Cetol BLX-Pro range is an environmentally friendly and quick drying water-based finish that provides superior durability and flexibility.

Go to https://tenaru.net.au/sikkens/product/sample-pots/  to see the full range of tester pot colours.