Over time, exposure to sun, wind and rain can leave timber furniture looking grey and weathered – but that doesn’t mean it is beyond repair.

Outdoor Furniture not cleaned ready for Sikkens Cetol BL Garden Furniture Cleaner

Instead of throwing out old timber furniture use Sikkens Cetol BL Garden Furniture Cleaner to give it a new life. Working quickly to rejuvenate outdoor settings, Sikkens Cetol BL Garden Furniture Cleaner creates a revitalised new timber look.

When applied to the timber surface Sikkens Cetol BL Garden Furniture Cleaner quickly draws out dirt, grime and the grey from weathered timber. With instant results leaving the timber looking fresh and natural within 15-20 minutes of application.

Outdoor furniture cleaned with Sikkens Cetol BL Garden Furniture Cleaner

Ideal for intricate weathered woodwork and timber trim, the non-drip, water-based gel sticks to vertical surfaces and the under-side of furniture for easy application.

To protect cleaned timber from future weathering and possible damage, it is important to apply finishing coats. Sadolin Hardwood Oil is ideal for achieving a penetrating natural colourless or teak pigmented look. Alternatively, apply Sikkens Cetol BLX-Pro water-based finish, that can be re-coated within two hours compared to oil-based stains that need up to 24 hours.

Sikkens BLX Pro Outdoor Furniture StainedSikkens BLX Pro Outdoor Furniture half stained half cleaned

Providing superior durability and flexibility, Sikkens Cetol BLX-Pro is a high quality, transparent finish that accentuates the natural characteristics and colour of the timber. Available in five ready mixed stains, it will make anything old look new again.

Give your outdoor timber furniture the makeover and protection it deserves with the best possible woodcare system on the market.

Outdoor furniture stained withSikkens BLX Pro